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Born and raised in the East Bay,

Charra has been crocheting since

she was 9 years old. 

Throughout her life, she has used her art as a

way to relax and process through

her experiences and emotions.

Crochet is her favored art medium. 

charra stelle

bio coming soon

julian kerr

SYN = With, together, working in harmony

DELIC = To create or manifest

SYNDELIC = Creating harmony

Syndelic is the project of Patrick Morrissey, a painter and muralist who draws inspiration from several ancient traditions of geometric art - from the Pythagorean mystery school, to Islamic architecture, to Celtic manuscript illumination. With the classical geometer's tools of the compass and straightedge he constructs complex patterns and mandalas using an intricate array of circles and lines alongside various abstract and organic forms. His psychedelic garden paintings are a playful interpretation of the dance between logic and intuition, between heavenly order and earthly wildness.


patrick morrissey

327 hayes street
san francisco, ca 94102

wednesday ~ saturday 5 - 8p

sunday ~ tuesday by appointment



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